Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 weeks with no dessert and going strong!

So, today is Wednesday and I am still dessert-free! Can you believe it? I have not been craving sweets lately and have been kicking those temptations to the curb! Meanwhile, I have still been baking because I love it so. I made Callie some treats to celebrate her new job (YAY!). AND I made Melissa and Lindsay some treats to say thank you for being such good friends. Below are the pictures.

Homemade snicker bars! Look at that caramel--yum

Callie loves chocolate, cream cheese, and raspberry--so created these specially for her! They are a brownie base with a cream cheese swirl and raspberries baked in. I am calling them Cowabunga Brownies!


  1. Seriously, girl, I don't know how you bake all these goodies and resist! Good job!

    By the way, I think the Cowabunga brownies are a very appropriate name. The swirl of berries and berry juice with the cream cheese and brownies has an ocean-y feel like a riptide or something. And when I think of cowabunga, I think of surfers!

  2. WOW ! I never thought of that with the Cowabonga it! Thanks Emily!

  3. Wow I just love your website!! It looks amazing and your header image is soooooo great. Drool worthy!

    Great job on no dessert! I can't say I could do that right now with testing all my recipes out! lol