Friday, March 6, 2009

One week and 2 days!

Well, Lent started a week and two days ago and I am still going strong with no desserts. :) I am proud of myself and cannot wait to say I have accomplished not eating desserts for ALL of Lent.
I decided yesterday, after I put like 9 tablespoons on one peanut butter sandwich, that I need to consider peanut butter a dessert because I am using it as my crutch. So, I am either going to stop eating it so much or go real lightly on it.

Sarah and I went to the beach from Tuesday through Thursday and had a great time. We just did things girls like to do like: get french manicures, shop, eat good food, go see a movie, and just veg out. It was a lot of fun and we stayed laughing the whole time. Sarah and I met last summer because we were both studying abroad in London and Paris on the same program. We immediately clicked and I knew that I would take a great friend, a best friend, away from the trip. That is probably the best thing I took away from the trip. I say that is pretty good--spend a summer in Europe and come back with one of your best friends!

This weekend is hopefully going to be a "productive" weekend...lots of projects due soon, GRE in 2 we go!

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