Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 3

Do you know the difference between evangelism and missions? I learned the difference this past Sunday at Providence's Mission Festival.
-Evangelism is teaching those who don't believe in Jesus.
-Missions is teaching those who know know there is a Jesus to believe in.

I got up this morning and thought as I went through my usual morning routine of going to the gym and eating breakfast--"Who am I living for today?" Lately I have felt that my day to day activities have been too selfish and too much centered around me. That is what this time of Lent will hopefully help me with, as I try to get out of my comfort zone and do some "good deed" for someone each day.

I have been praying for about 2 months about what I will be doing this summer. As most of you know, I am going to graduate school in the Fall to concentrate in Fashion and Trend Forecasting. That leaves this summer open for thesis research and so much else. Therefore, I have been trying to think what is going to be right for me to do this summer.

The answer to my prayers came last weekend at Providence. Dr. George W. Murray spoke on missions, we saw people commissioned, saw all the beautiful flags on different countries. All of this has been tugging on my heart. I attempted to go to Africa a couple of summers ago, but the timing was not right. I cannot think of a more right time than right now, this summer, for me to go on a mission trip. This trip is the next step in my relationship with the Lord--it is not just about my faith now, but sharing my faith.

I am applying with Providence for two different trips--I would happily take either one of them. I hope and pray this is the right time and I will be able to go and raise the money and prayers. I will keep you updated on this. I am sending in my application today...

HAVEN'T had a dessert yet--YAY! Sticking to my Lent. I have been eating EVERYTHING other than dessert that isn't nailed down. haha

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